Alonso Rodriguez Romero"My objective with Quetzal is to provide our customers with transparency, accountability, and great communication throughout every step of their online business strategy."


Having an In-house team gives us the capacity to provide you with affordable prices. And more importantly, gives your business all the marketing tools needed to propel your sales and customer base through the roof. Although we are a Full Service Internet Marketing Firm. We give u the experience of a boutique firm. We cater to all types of businesses and provide you with the “one on one” experience.

Let our staff of Google AdWords Consultants, professional copywriters, savvy Social Media team and our Senior SEO experts propel your business to the first pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

Quetzal Web Solutions was Founded with the principles of being able to provide low-cost marketing solutions to small and midsize companies. In particular a market often over seen in the United States, the Latino Community. Founder and President of Quetzal Web Solutions LLC, Alonso R. Dominguez, had a vision to be able to provide this often overseen business community with marketing tools often used by big corporations.

A transparent and Professionally-managed internet marketing campaign is fundamental to every business. It is the portal through which prospective clients visit your web site. The higher your website or webpage ranks on the search results page, the more likely you will be found by customers seeking your products and or services. Whether you’re located in St. Louis, Vancouver, or Mexico City, you’ll receive expert advice for our business.


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