PPC & Pay Per Click Management Services in Los Angeles, California

Do you have the time to spend creating, monitoring and optimizing your PPC campaigns? Let an expert manage your PPC accounts on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook & others.

What is PPC? Pay per click (PPC) Management is an advertising model used on search engines, advertising networks, and content websites/blogs where advertisers only pay when a user actually clicks on an ad to visit the advertiser’s website.

As the image to the right shows, the PPC ads are the ones that run across the top of the page and down along the right hand side.

Recently, the social media websites like Facebook have begun offering paid ads just like Google does. Twitter and LinkedIn will also be starting very soon.

The advantage of doing PPC on these social media sites is that you can to target a very narrow niche of users based on their demographic profile. This means a higher ROI for every dollar spent.

Our Most Popular PPC Platforms:

Advantages of PPC Advertising

There are some clear advantages to doing PPC as part of your overall marketing strategy:

  • You can be #1 on Google a ½ hour – Ads show up immediately
  • Create your own ads and modify them whenever you wish
  • Set your daily budget and have 100% confidence you won’t spend a penny more
  • Target national, regional or local customers only
  • Generate Instant sales
  • Pay only when someone clicks your ad and visits your site

Getting Started with PPC Advertising

There are some clear advantages to doing PPC as part of your overall marketing strategy:

  • Account Setup and Configuration: You’ll need to establish your accounts with the search engines and provide your credit card information. Then you figure out your landing pages, set your maximum bids, and are ready for step 2.
  • Keyword Research: The foundation of all search engine marketing is keyword research. You have to determine what the most relevant search terms (keywords) are that people type into the search box when looking for your product or service.
  • Geographic and Local Campaigns: Are you selling locally or nationally? According to Marketing Sherpa, 60% of local consumers search the web first to find a company to meet their needs. PPC is great because you have total control over the geographic location where your ads will show to customers.
  • Tweak Your Ad Content: Since space is very limited with ads, communicating your value proposition with an immediate call to action is vital. Utilizing dynamic search terms and localization should also be included in the ad copy when applicable.
  • Landing Page Optimization: Now that people are clicking on your ads, what is the next page they see? This page is called the landing page and it needs to match the incentives from your ad.

Why Hire Quetzal Web Solutions to Manage your PPC Campaigns?

So now that you know what PPC is and the steps necessary to get started, the big question is: Why hire Quetzal Web Solutions to manage your PPC campaigns? Why can’t you just do it yourself and get rich? Well as you will learn quickly, it’s a very time consuming process with lots of variables to test and measure. We can:

  • Spend the hours each week necessary to tweak and optimize the campaigns. You focus o on running your business.
  • Lower your CPA (Cost per Acquisition of a Lead or sale) and save you money.
  • Lower CPC (Cost per Click) and save you even more money.
  • Increase your CTR (Click Thru Rate) so more customers click your ad and visit your site.
  • Improve your conversion ratio (# of people who click on your ad vs the # that convert to a lead/sale).
  • Boost your ROI (Return on Investment for each advertising dollar spent).

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