zencartQuetzal Web Solutions has proved to be equally helpful in teaching the use of Zencart Admin Panel. The techniques are same as in the two other cases, that is, lessons along with video for better understanding, telephonic conversation and face to face teaching. It has been found that learning curve of Zencart on the part on customers is shorter in comparison to Joomla. But it forms a necessary part for e commerce shops. Hence the introduction of Zencart in the topic list of Quetzal Web Solutions. The backend functionality of Zencart includes support of unlimited products of varying categories, options such as addition, removal and editing of these categories, contacting customers through newsletters or email and so on. To add to these, there are product and customer statistics, multi-currency support, shippable and downloadable product support, easy back up and database restoration, invoice screen and packaging list.

Frontend services provided by Zencart includes order history as well as order status view, maintenance of accounts, multiple shipping and billing address book meant for multiple addresses, guest’s temporary shopping cart and regular customer’s permanent shopping cart and so on. These services are further supported by search features which are not only quick or fast but also supported by advanced features and product reviews such as the shopping experience turns out to be interactive. Whether one wants to show the category of product or not it depends on the website owner. Zencart enables both the options. Apart from providing secure transactions, Zencart also offers global bestseller list.