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  • April 8, 2013
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What is Article Blogging?

Article blogging in a simple language can be explained as the simplest form of online journals that individuals utilize for expressing their opinions and ideas. During the past, people used to write their ideas in personal journals but now, people use article blogging to share their ideas and what they feel about certain topic with the entire world. Generally, there are two main types of article blogging services. These are Blogger and WordPress. These are free of cost and are easy to sign up. Among these two, WordPress is a better service but for a beginner, Blogger will be really helpful.

The reason for Article Blogging

There are many who consider article blogging not so important. If you are also one among those, then here are some of the common reasons why one should go for article blogging.

  • Article blogging gives a blogger a chance to explore various issues and let the whole world know about his opinions and findings on these issues, events, or objects.
  • One of the main reasons why one should use article blogging services is it provides a channel of expression of your view point on certain issues and you can gauge how people react to your opinions and maybe get a different view on the subject.
  • Article blogging is not just related to writing articles and blogs as it also includes commenting on other blogs etc which in turn improves one’s communication skill, so it is very important to use article blogging services.
  • If you want to organize ideas, practice rhetoric and refine any type of ideas through discussions article blogging is the perfect answer for you.

The Benefits of Article Blogging

Till today most of the people believe that blogs are only meant for expressing public opinion but there are several other benefits offered by article blogging. Some of them are:

  • The information that we attain from blogs is generally a week’s ahead of the newspapers and press releases as bloggers keep on searching for new areas to publish, so here comes the biggest advantage of article blogging, i.e. access to the most current information.
  • Through article blogging, one can find large numbers of business partners at a time as individuals having different thoughts and choices are closely related with each other.
  • If a visitor reads a blog and likes it, he or she will subscribe the blog through RSS feeds which will in turn increase readership traffic, another important benefit of article blogging.

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